Who We Are

We are obsessed with building your business

Wheelhouse Bay is a professional sales and marketing organization with over 25 years of corporate and small business experience. We possess a high degree of passion and accountability in creating and executing successful sales and marketing solutions to our entrepreneurial Clients.

Our core foundation is focused on building long term, respectful, trusting relationships with our Client partners with a relentless drive on achieving their revenue growth objectives.

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“It is time to re-engage personally with our customers and laugh with them. After all, it is almost impossible to dislike someone you’ve shared a laugh with”

– Patrick Sutherland

Here For You

Designed for all sizes of business

Established in 2018, Wheelhouse Bay identified the need of small business to employ affordable, experienced and accomplished sales and marketing talent to facilitate growth strategies in a volatile economic environment. Whether it be the need of a business development manager that secures new accounts, or a marketing campaign designed to optimize a brands digital presence, Wheelhouse Bay orchestrates the optimal sales and marketing solution for your business.

Our Team grants you the peace of mind knowing your sales and marketing efforts are being managed responsibly, professionally, on time, within your budget, and deliver a strong return on your investment.

Call us today, let’s learn about you and your company, and we will help you grow.

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Aptitude, Connect, Deliver

Our 8-pillar philosophy is built on the fact that we execute sales and marketing solutions as if we were our Clients life-long business partner. We do this by ensuring we constantly equip our Team with the right tools, equipment, training, and mindset to achieve our Clients goals for years to come.

Continuous Education & Learning

Always researching, reading, learning new ideas, concepts, technology.

Professional Training

Continuous training to enhance professional knowledge and aptitude.

Positive Energy

Incorporate exercise, self care, and balance of life to achieve overall intrinsic happiness.

Creativity & Innovation

Think outside the box, challenge the boundaries, no fear of the ridiculous.

Build Long Term, Respectful, Trusting Relationships, Adding Value.

Plan to have stakeholders in your life long term.

Deliver Targets

Relentless focus on attaining objectives for our Clients.

Have Fun

Laugh and have fun in the quest of achieving the team’s goals.


Considering oneself part of the solution to a challenge and a component of a victory.

Connect With Us

Meet the Team

Patrick Sutherland, President

What delivers the most intrinsic value for me is building strong relationships with Clients and achieving the business objectives set out in the sales and marketing plans we design. In addition, ensuring Wheelhouse Bay continuously educates sales and marketing concepts to our Clients, helps them be a more competitive player within their market. Weekly Client meetings provide an open and honest, mutually beneficial nuance. We learn from each other and present solutions to everyday business challenges that further enriches our commitment to their success.

I thoroughly enjoy camping with my wife and children, coaching my son’s hockey team, going to my daughter’s gymnastics class, and teaching them both how to swim. I also regrettably take pleasure in watching them beat me at Clue and Monopoly. I play ice hockey on 3 adult recreational teams coming up to playing my 1,800th hockey game. Having convinced my 8-year old daughter to be a teacher, I thoroughly enjoy sitting and writing exams she creates and scores (so far my GPA is B+).

Thanks for listening looking forward to learning more about you and your business!

The Wheelhouse Bay Advantage – Sales and Business Development


  • Sales Planning
  • No Fear Mentality
  • Strategic Presentation
  • CRM Progam
  • Rapid Response Time
  • Strong Positive Energy
  • 75% Time on Sales vs 34% Average
  • Vast Network
  • Top of Mind Strategy
  • Relationship Building


  • SMART Sales Objectives
  • Intense Focus on Action
  • Provides Systematic and Insightful Data
  • Tracks and Schedules all Sales Activity
  • Respond to Customers Faster than Competition
  • Increased energy, good mood, optimism
  • More time on selling efforts
  • Larger target market to cater to
  • Communications strategy to stay in contact
  • Build and maintain long-term relationships

Benefit to Your Business

  • Organized and clear = increased sales calls
  • Realize ROI benefits more rapidly
  • Increased close ratios, increased Revenues
  • Never lose a lead, cold, warm, or qualified
  • 50% increase in closes with first responders
  • Clients gravitate to positive aura
  • More time on revenue generating activities
  • Access to more decision makers
  • Increases chances to target at purchase time
  • Creates preference in mind of Clients