The Comedy Cave

The Comedy Cave is a fantastic family owned and operated comedy club in Calgary for the past 17 years. Providing Calgarians with exceptional comedic talent from all over North America, they also specialize in serving delicious cuisine you simply must try yourself. The philosophy of the Comedy Cave is to entertain Calgarians with the gift of genuine laughter which has a myriad of physiological benefits. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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Due to Calgary’s laboring economic environment, corporate entertaining budgets were compressing, and a location move to downtown Calgary impacted seat sales. The Comedy Cave needed to craft a fresh sales and marketing strategy to attract new and past customers as well as corporate teams. It was paramount to build up the popularity and attendance to the newly renovated and exciting venue.

  • Economic Review
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Sales Process and Presentation Analysis
  • Marketing & Branding Assessment

  • Online Reviews Analysis
  • Competitive & Positioning Analysis
  • Business Development Assessment
  • Primary and Secondary Customer Research

  • Client presentation was a vital element in the overall sales process.
  • Opportunity to enhance digital marketing components.
  • Inbound lead management opportunity.
  • Customer profiling identified several consumer insights relevant to corporate entertainment.
  • Identified direct business development opportunities and competitive advantages.

Hybrid Sales and Marketing Strategy

Business Development

  • Construct Comprehensive Sales and Business Development Program
  • Inbound Lead Sales Strategy


  • Enhance Digital Marketing
  • Event Production Strategy
  • Communications Strategy

  • Creation of a SMART and strategic presentation process and beautiful presentation materials has become a significant communications tool for providing solutions for Clients.
  • Secured over $150k in qualified leads through new direct business development program
  • Strengthened close ratio for corporate events from 20% to 40% with inbound lead management strategy.
  • Enhanced website features, tailored to customer insights, increased online ticket sales by 5%.
  • Event production strategy delivered over $15k in new business.
  • Generated over $30k in leads through network communications strategy.
  • Email marketing campaign, to be launched in 2020, projected to grow seat sales by 10%.
  • Achieved delivering sales and marketing revenue targets by +12%.

Corporate Events Program

Welcome Program

Team Building

Business Cards

“Since we began working together, Patrick and Wheelhouse Bay has accomplished the following objectives for us and has over delivered their sales targets and growing. They created a sales and marketing plan to secure more corporate and team building events; produced a gorgeous presentation package complete with brochure, business cards, and a presentation folder; assembled a sales system and process in which supports us flawlessly providing an optimal customer service experience for our clients; administered a Customer Relationship Management Software Program for us to track sales and manage customer contact information; and has acted as an on-site customer service manager for our team building events. Patrick is a true leader within our organization who we highly respect, trust, and admire as do his peers. We hope to work with him and Wheelhouse Bay Sales and Marketing for many years to come.”

— Jack Botros, President, The Comedy Cave