Focus on the continuous momentum of learning and success

We knew 2019 was going to be a lot of hard, yet exciting, work as we focused on delivering on our Clients objectives. However, we also concentrated on Wheelhouse Bay’s marketing and business objectives. It is important to ensure we are laser focused on our sales and marketing strategies so we can coach our Clients on all the latest trends, tools and technologies in sales and marketing.

Thanks for taking the time to review our year, love to have you learn with us on our journey! Please feel free to reach out at any time

Customer Success

  • Overdelivered 2019 sales targets with all Clients by over 30%.
  • Achievement in these targets supported our Clients overall business growth in a volatile economic environment.

Our Client, Hillson Homes, completed a gorgeous custom home in Wildwood for some amazing Customers helping them realize their dream home vision. Hillson Homes craftsmanship is unparalleled as you can see in these images.

Our Client, The Comedy Cave, hosted some fantastic new client groups this holiday season. They entertained a whopping 46 Christmas Parties, over 4,000 guests, serving 46 mouth watering, hot and delicious dinner buffets and countless side-splitting laughter we all needed this year! Check them out if you haven’t been and get ready for great food and fantastic comedy!

Our Client, The CAMHL, is reviewing the opportunity to produce some online videos to educate their target audience about their morning hockey league. We are very excited for this opportunity as video is a powerful digital marketing tool that can benefit your SEO while cleverly educating your prospective customers.

In House

Wheelhouse Bay Website

After hundreds of hours of content work, our website will be officially launched January 31, 2020! Website design and development is a very complex, strategic, and tedious project yet very rewarding once complete.

Small Business Sales and Marketing Workbook

We have been asked by small business owners to assist them with a small business guide to sales and marketing. We thought this was a fantastic idea and will be offered in conjunction with our consulting services. Plan for completion April 30, 2020.

Next Blog Topic – ‘The Importance of a Concrete Sales Plan’

We have met many sales professionals who don’t invest the time to construct a tactical sales plan yet feel unmotivated and unsupported in their sales role. This can lead to very unsatisfactory results for the Managers and a depressing sense of personal lack of achievement for the sales professional. Need a refreshing, motivating, regimented tactical approach to building and executing your sales plan? Want to see sales results propel upward and see compliments from peers? Stay tuned for the next blog to be released February 15th, 2020.

Social Media

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep abreast of sales and marketing insights and ways to enhance your sales performance. If your business does not utilize social media currently, it is something you want to think about.

  • Over 2.6 billion monthly users on Facebook
  • Over 1 billion monthly users on Instagram.
  • Know your target market and utilize social sites they frequent.
  • Your business being active on social media builds trust and credibility.
  • Social Media acts as a complementary resume tool to showcase all the facets of your business.

A Refresh on Wheelhouse Bay Sales and Marketing

Wheelhouse Bay provides award winning, high performance sales and business development representation to all sizes of business.   Our strategy team creates, executes, and manages the multi-facets of marketing components necessary to elevate your brand.   Two critical roles at a fraction of the cost of a full-time team suiting your budget perfectly.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about growing your business so connect with us today, we are excited to hear from you.

Cheers Calgary!