Such an exhilarating opportunity!

Starting an enterprise is very exciting but also comes with its own set of nerve rattling uncertainties.  However, we felt our strong sense of belief, skillset, passion for purpose, resourcefulness, willingness to learn and adapt, and a relentless determination to succeed, would confidently propel us in our venture.

We sincerely thank all our friends and family, partners and colleagues, who have all made a significant impact in the official launch of Wheelhouse Bay.

Now, as our first news update, we thought we would inform the world on some common questions we get about Wheelhouse Bay and hope to meet some of you in the future!  Thanks for tuning in, we’re excited for you to come back and learn more 😊.

What is Wheelhouse Bay Sales and Marketing?

Wheelhouse Bay Sales and Marketing is a Calgary based organization that provides sales and business development services for companies of all sizes.  We focus on partnering with businesses that need professional, experienced, trained, qualified, and results driven sales representation to help support their sales revenue objectives.

Our unique proposition is that we create customized sales representation solutions for varying business budgets.  We create, train, implement, and monitor a sales representation/business development role for your business starting at $1,750 per month + commissions/bonuses.  Now you have the power to recruit high performance sales talent that fits your budget and secures new customers for your business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time role.

So, if you never had sales representation in past due to budget concerns, Wheelhouse Bay is now your solution.  However, if a larger role is necessary for your specific sales objectives, we are designed for that too.

Wheelhouse Bay also provides several marketing services including marketing strategy, digital marketing, and other custom management services.

Benefits of Working with Wheelhouse Bay Sales?

Our high-performance sales skills help deliver high performance results:

  • Strong positive energy
  • Unparalleled enthusiasm
  • Impressive sales presentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent time and priority management
  • Professionalism
  • Sales technology knowledge and social media aptitude increases productivity and lead generation
  • Rapid responsiveness
  • Impeccable communication skills
  • Superior close ratios
  • Strategic & systematic approach to sales process including presentation planning & preparation and objection resolution review.
  • Results driven
  • Long term relationship building focus
  • Empathy
  • Powerful initiative and ability to work independently
  • 25 years experience in sales, business development and management roles in corporate and small business environment.

We have the entire role ‘built-in’ with a process ready to go:

  • Our set up process covers everything from building the presentation materials and content, to the prospect list, to the sales reports. Leave the sales set up to us while you focus on your business.
  • We have the mobile devices (laptop, mobile phone, tablet) so no need to add additional costs and contracts to your business.
  • We have office space thus no need for you to find room for a new role
  • We are proficient in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to create contacts, schedule sales activities, and record stages in the sales pipeline.
  • We create and execute the specific sales plans
  • We present sales reports in our weekly meetings with your team that illustrates sales activities, closed sales, ROI, target achievement and pace.
  • Our agreement is a contract so there are no human resource constraints
  • Proven long term loyalty means increased economies of scale, experience, and Client preference, ultimately enhancing profitability for your business.

About Wheelhouse Bay Sales and Marketing

I have always loved working with others and hold high passion and enthusiasm to represent good people and strong brands.  Building our Clients business while being proud of what we represent generates a strong positive energy that fosters momentum and success.  We intimately feel as if we are partners in our Clients business and hold personal accountability for their sales results.

We chose to create Wheelhouse Bay because of our obsession with sales & business development and our love for building long term, high quality relationships with our Clients and their Customers.  We know there are amazing business leaders who need us and are vested in growing their business.

Our university education, wide array of sales, marketing, and management experience, and goal centric focus, will help our Clients achieve sales growth where we can celebrate together for years to come!

–Patrick Sutherland, President, Wheelhouse Bay Sales and Marketing

Why Did you Call it Wheelhouse Bay?

Sales and Marketing is in our ‘wheelhouse’ so we wanted to just call it Wheelhouse Sales and Marketing.  Unfortunately, through our search we found almost everything under the term ‘wheelhouse’ was taken.

After much thought, due to our love of water, swimming, boating, and the beach, we added the word ‘bay’.  Hence Wheelhouse Bay was formed.  We get asked time to time if we are a popular beach resort or marina, we just simply state no, but are willing to help with the sales and marketing for their venture 😊.

We would love to share more awesome news and updates on sales and marketing trends, tools, and insights to help you perform better!  Or feel free to call us directly 403-875-9772. Thanks for checking in, hope to hear from you soon!
— Wheelhouse Bay Sales and Marketing Team