Calgary Adult Morning Hockey League

The CAMHL (Calgary Adult Morning Hockey League) is a non-profit, non-contact hockey league consisting of 21 teams over three divisions. The CAMHL games are unique as they take place from 7am to 8am weekday mornings and are officiated by two referees and a timekeeper. Having been in operation for over 25 years, the popularity of the CAMHL has increased and has created strong camaraderie throughout the players, management, and all stakeholders.


In 2012, it was evident there was an opportunity to take the CAMHL to the next level. With 16 teams in the league at that time, on ice incidents were at an all time high, the website was obsolete and had little or no function, archaic financial controls, players were exiting the league, and a sense of strong leadership was required. A marketing and management strategy were necessary to reset and fulfill the future needs of the CAMHL.

  • Pricing Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Charity Selection Process
  • Primary and Secondary Customer Research

  • Technology Applications Review
  • Customer (Team) Feedback Reviews
  • Marketing Assessment

  • The league populace was starting to decline, due to reduction in morale and aging players.
  • Opportunity to provide charitable contributions to enhance community support
  • Digital marketing efforts were not being employed.
  • Identified six key consumer (player) insights most valuable to players within the league.
  • Injuries due to on ice incidents were increasing and discipline was not enforced.

Hybrid Management and Marketing Strategy


  • Implement New Rules, Policies and Procedures
  • Support implementation of new financial controls
  • Build relationship with Team Managers
  • Initiate Fundraising Event for Local Charity
  • Create, execute, and monitor five-year plan


  • Digital Marketing Campaign
    • Website, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing
  • Network Communications Strategy
  • Advertising and Promotional Campaign
  • Implement Sponsorship Programs

  • Presented league Managers with new brand, logo, values, vision, mission, and five-year plan. This resuscitated the excitement and enthusiasm amongst the entire player base.
  • Implemented fundraising element in year end tournament to benefit Kidsport Calgary charity, raising over $20k since inception.
  • Reduced suspensions that aligns to the CAMHL’s vision of clean, professional, safe play.
  • Increased followership on Social Media, attracting more players to the league.
  • Incorporated new, full functioning website with registration/waiver process and system to manage player statistical data.
  • Increased the number of teams from 16 to 22 by the 2018/2019 season (33% growth) driven by strategic advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Provided recommendations for a new financial system and process to manage budgets.
  • Successful progression with five-year plan to achieve ‘future vision’ of the CAMHL.
  • Created the annual ‘General Managers Game and Skills Competition’ which enhanced camaraderie with the League Team Managers.

“Patrick’s loyalty, passion and determination cannot be easily replicated and his contributions to the CAMHL are both recognized and highly appreciated by the CAMHL Executive board and all 21 teams. His work ethic and business acumen are second to none. We hope to have Patrick on the CAMHL team for many years to come. Understanding the importance of giving back to the community and assisting less fortunate children to enrol in community sport, Patrick also positioned the CAMHL as a significant sponsor for Kidsport. Kidsport is now the CAMHL charity of choice and we have raised over $20,000 since 2013 thanks to the leadership Patrick has demonstrated.”

— James Pelzer, President, CAMHL