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E-mail marketing keeps your brand interactive and top of mind with your prospective customers and can deliver a significant return on your investment. 82% of small business state email is their primary customer acquisition channel.

E-mail marketing is one of the most widely utilized form of digital marketing communications today with 3.7 billion users in 2017 and growing. It is cleverly crafted commercial email messages sent to a target audience with the purpose of building leads and customers, while adding value through newsletters, promotions, sales, and other information.

E-mail marketing technologies are smarter, more responsive on mobile devices, and result in high click and open rates.

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Wheelhouse Bay can help you capitalize on leads and sales by strategically engaging with your customers.

  • E-Mail Marketing Campaign Design
  • E-Mail Marketing Strategy and Policy
  • Post Campaign Performance Analysis
  • Application Set Up
  • E-Mail Marketing Rules and Regulations
  • E-Mail Marketing ROI Analysis

Wheelhouse Bay achieved success with their Clients by designing captivating messages to prospective customers close to purchase decision times.

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E-Mail Marketing packages start at $500 per month.

Pricing varies and is based on components such as send frequency, design time, design elements, and number of contacts. Connect with us today to ensure your brand is consistently top of mind with your customers.

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